Messages From the Past: Paul's Epistles

Event Date & Time:
Sun, Mar 3, 11:00 AM
Location Information:
The Ark Church
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Join us to study Paul's letters to the different cities of the ancient world and discover what salvation means for us as believers.

Additional Information

  • Teacher: Kyle Clark
  • Location: 204
  • Book: Manual ($10 - Can be purchased at the Donut Mixer or in the Loft foyer on the first day of class)
  • Semester End Date: May 5

In each lesson, we will dive into the core salvation truth that Paul emphasized to the believers in each of these books and examine what made these people unique, the struggles they had, and what solutions they were given to overcome them. Each of these epistles instilled confidence in the early Christians in what they believed and assured them of God's promises. By studying these epistles, we can gain a deeper understanding of all that salvation does for us as believers.