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PSALM 86:5 & 15 NKJ 
 5 For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, â€¨And abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You. 
15 But You, O Lord, are a God full of compassion, and gracious, â€¨Longsuffering and abundant in mercy and truth. 

This Psalm is a prayer of David and gives us insight as to how David viewed God.  I have long admired David's perspective of God.  He was a man who had a revelation as to the bigness and goodness of God.   

In these two verses, David expresses who God is.  Good and ready to forgive.  Abundant in mercy to those that call on Him.  In verse fifteen, the attributes of God continue to flow.  Full of compassion, gracious, longsuffering with abundant mercy and truth.  It's no wonder that David had such confidence in God.  How could you not trust someone as wonderful as this?   


What words do you use to describe God?  Do your words focus on His power, His judgment, His anger with sin and injustice?  Or do your descriptive words center around His goodness, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and graciousness?  Is God ready to forgive or looking to punish?  Is He kind or disgusted with you?  The reason I ask is because your perception of God matters.  In a big way, it matters.   

If you find that your view of God is full of fear and hesitation, you can begin to change that perception.  Take David's inspired words and make them your own.  Tell the Lord, You Lord are good and full of compassion toward me.   


You, O Lord, are gracious and kind to me.  Thank You for Your mercy and forgiveness.  Thank You, Lord, that you are good to me.