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17 He who keeps instruction is in the way of life, â€¨But he who refuses correction goes astray.  

I am still amazed at the wisdom packed into the proverbs.  From relationships to business, heart condition to words, the wisdom is immense.   

Solomon was given supernatural wisdom from God, and he authors the majority of the proverbs.  So, this wisdom is practical, but it's also godly.   

The proverb for today is one I have seen lived out over my life with the Lord.  I have seen it in my own life and also in the lives of others.   

If you are willing to be teachable, you are going to wind up much better off in life.  Keeping instruction, even when it corrects you, is so, so important.  But if you refuse to listen, to adjust, to correct, you can wind up on the wrong path.  This applies to athletics, learning a new skill, developing better relationships, and most definitely walking with God.   



Has the Lord been instructing/correcting you lately?  Don't get mad, get glad.  Because if you receive and adjust to the correction, it will put you on a better path.  A better path for your relationships and most definitely a better way of walking with God.   

Can you be teachable, especially as it pertains to God's word?  God's word will never lead you down a dark path.  In Psalms 16:11 David, Solomon's father, states, "You will show me the path of life. . ."  When God instructs and corrects by His Word, His Holy Spirit, and often through others, it leads to life if we keep or practice His instructions.  Simple to say, more challenging to do, but what a better outcome!   



Lord, help me to receive Your correction and instruction.  I want to be teachable before You.  I want to stay on that path of life.