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PSALM 107:8 NKJ 
8 Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, â€¨And for His wonderful works to the children of men! 

Whenever a theme is repeated in scriptures, it's good to take notice.  Jesus would sometimes say verily verily.  We need repetition because spiritual things are to be imbedded deep in our hearts, and just because we hear it a few times does not mean we've got it.   

In this psalm, four times this exact same thing is repeated.  So, we are quick and sharp, and we catch on to the idea that we really do need to give thanks.  Thanks because of God's goodness and the wonderful things He does.  In fact, this entire psalm is outlining some of the wonderful, good works God had done for His people.  We don't just want to read about them.  We want to thank God for them.   

An interesting thing happens when we give thanks, we become more aware of God's goodness and His wonderful works.   


I want to make sure the Lord is not saying about me - Oh, that Alan would give thanks for my goodness and My wonderful works.  I want to make sure He does not have to tell me the fifth time to give thanks.  I want my life to show that I got this.  Alan is to give thanks.    


Heavenly Father, I give You thanks for Your goodness and Your wonderful works in my life and in my family and in the church!  And may I be even more redundant - thank You!