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17 Better is a dry morsel with quietness, â€¨Than a house full of feasting with strife. 

In 1992 Bill Clinton used a line to call attention to an economic downturn.  "It's the economy stupid" became a major catchphrase that helped propel Bill Clinton into the presidency.   

So, I was going to entitle this devotional - It's The Atmosphere Stupid.  But Joy really hates when I use the word stupid, so to keep the peace, I omitted the word.   

Actually, this completely backs up the theme of this devotional.  The idea that it's not the food that makes for a wonderful meal, it's the atmosphere. Poor quality food with peace is better than a feast with fighting and arguing.   

I am not advocating for eating poorly, or not enough, or unhealthy.  But the fellowship is what can make a meal wonderful.   

Joy and I discovered this years ago on a New Year's Eve.  I had not made good plans, so we were limited in our restaurant choices.  We wound up going to IHOP for a meal.  Nothing wrong with IHOP, but they don't make anyone's five-star list, or four-star or three-star or . . .   You get the point.  But we had a wonderful time together, and we certainly weren't fighting the crowds.  For a number of years, it became our New Year's Eve tradition.  It's not the food; it's the atmosphere that makes the meal.   



It's not a stretch to say we often want to cover up a problem by throwing money at it.  We want a new home or car or something to make up for the unrest or lack of peace or relationship problem. A great vacation is nice for a getaway, but it won't substitute for peace in our hearts and homes.  An amazing date night won't fix a deeper-rooted relationship problem.   

But a peace-filled relationship, a peace-filled atmosphere in a home, a business, a church can make up for not having over-the-top accessories or decor.   

To bring peace is not expensive, but it will cost.  The cost is in our pride or our time in sincerely seeking God.  But the payoff is so worth it.  It's the atmosphere saints! 



Lord, help me to be a peacemaker, whatever I am in, wherever I go.  May Your peace and love flow from me to others.