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LUKE 20:37-38  NKJ 
37 But even Moses showed in the burning bush passage that the dead are raised, when he called the Lord ‘the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.’ 38 For He is not the God of the dead but of the living, for all live to Him.” 

In this passage, Jesus is being questioned by the Sadducees.  The Sadducees were a religious group in Jesus' day that did not believe in the supernatural.  They did not believe in the resurrection or anything spiritual.  No wonder they were sad, you see? Okay, horrible pun, but you get the point. Please don’t stop reading. 

This group thought they had Jesus backed into a corner with their ridiculous hypothetical religious question.  But Jesus answered their question and gave them scripture to back up His position.  This resulted in the Sadducees asking Jesus no more questions.   

The pattern Jesus used is a good one for all of us to remember.  Our answers to questions carry more weight when backed up with scripture.  Here is what I believe based on this scripture or scriptures.  If Jesus used this, we can and should also.   



A great exercise is to question yourself on why you believe what you believe.  When you can back your belief up with scripture, you are standing on solid ground.   

This may not always silence the doubters, but in your own heart, you can be confident because you are confirmed with scripture.  God's word first is a church value that is becoming increasingly important in these turbulent times.   



Thank you, Heavenly Father, for Your word that teaches me and Your Holy Spirit who guides me into the truth.  I have a strong basis for my beliefs.