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PROVERBS 13:3 NKJ He who guards his mouth preserves his life, â€¨But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction. 

 We have a good security system here at the church:  cameras, motion detectors, alarms, the works.  I should know because I have set it off a couple of times when working late.   

But there is a security system we can all utilize, and it doesn't cost money - guarding our mouth.  This security system may not cost in terms of dollars, but it does require something from us - the cost of controlling the words that come out of our mouth.  When we are conscious and careful regarding what we say, we save ourselves from so much trouble.  However, if there is no guard, no restraint, no thought behind our words, we just let er rip - we will have problems.  How many good things were destroyed with bad ill-advised words?   


As we read more of the scripture, we come to recognize God's wisdom is different from conventional or the cultural wisdom of today. When we think guarding or protecting, it's usually not our mouth that comes to mind first.  Yet God's word has a great deal to say about this subject.  In God's wisdom, our words are the building blocks for healthy relationships and environments.  Or they are the tools that bring ruin and sorrow.  This is a constant process and a good reminder - guard your mouth; guard your life.   


Dear Heavenly Father, Help me to guard the words I say and use them only to build and strengthen, not cause hurt and destruction.  Help me be conscious of the power of my words.