We are purpose building a new facility for kids and youth for the saving of households.

Come As You Are

Buildings do not define us as a church. Our church is defined by our heart, values and what we add to our community and to God’s Kingdom.

Purpose Built:

The new building will enhance our ability as a church to welcome people into a safe, loving environment. More room and space to connect with others, wider hallways and safe areas for children and youth. A better way to heal people from all walks of life and all spiritual conditions.

Willing to Change

Our heart is to see people changed from the inside out by the powerful teaching of God’s word and through meaningful relationships.

Purpose Built:

The new building will dramatically increase our space for groups and classes. This will enable us to enlarge our currently maxed out rooms and offer a broader range of new classes and groups.

Bring Your Best

“We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people.”

Purpose Built:

Excellence is defined as being outstanding or extremely good. I believe our ministry to the kids and youth of The Ark is excellent. However, our current facilities and lack of space are not keeping pace and restricting growth. We constantly shuffle kids and youth around on Sundays and the crowded hallways and constant moving are more annoying than inspiring. Our new addition will put us back, facility-wise, on the path of excellence.

Create Great Environments

“It is vitally important that we communicate to our kids and youth in every way possible that God is big and God is good.”

Purpose Built:

When we moved into our current building in 2005, our facilities were in line with our values to offer appealing, engaging and helpful experiences. For the last several years, we’ve made do, but the experience has suffered. Our new addition will offer every age group a great environment, specifically designed for them.

Ready to jump on with All Aboard?

“Not Equal Gifts - But Equal Sacrifice.”