Believer's Helping People

Event Date & Time:
Sun, Mar 3, 9:30 AM
Location Information:
The Ark Church
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Learn how to share Christ with others and prepare to be used by God to encourage those who need help.

Additional Information

  • Teacher: Mike Dowling
  • Location: Room 102
  • Book: None
  • Semester End Date: April 7

Everyone faces burdens and trials in life. Often, relief or help comes from a kind word, a listening ear, and helpful encouragement from a caring and godly friend. This course will equip you to be the kind of friend who can offer support to those who are hurting, seeking wisdom, or needing direction.

Similarly, have you ever had a situation where you wanted to share about Jesus but were afraid to do so? This class is for anyone who wants a simple way to help those who seek advice or need to talk things through and will provide the confidence and tools to share Jesus without fear.