Life's Healing Choices

Event Date & Time:
Tue, Sep 26, 6:00 PM
Location Information:
The Ark Church
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Learn to break bad habits and make healthy choices based on teachings from the Word of God to heal and get on the right track.

Additional Information

  • Teacher:  Billy Smith and Cassi Taylor
  • Location:  Loft
  • Book:  Life's Healing Choices Study Group Guide (Purchase Your Workbook Here)
  • Semester End Date:  December 5

Going through this study will help you discover and face hurts, hang-ups, and bad habits for possibly the first time. Bad habits don’t develop overnight. They are the result of our poor choices or the poor choices of others. Some have taken many years to develop into a behavior that is not healthy or beneficial. Freedom doesn’t always happen overnight; you can find the help you need in this group study. This is a safe place for you to begin your courageous journey of finding freedom from your life’s hurts, hang-ups, and habits!