Revelations Revealed

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The Ark Church
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In this eleven-week class, we will study the entire book of Revelation in detail, verse-by-verse.

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  • Teacher: Steve Meeker
  • Location: Room 102
  • Book: Revelations Revealed Manual - Can be purchased for $5 at the Donut Mixer or at the Loft Foyer beginning February 4
  • Semester End Date: April 28

Around the year 95 A.D., John the Disciple was on the island of Patmos. One morning, while worshiping the Lord, he had an amazing experience. The veil that separates heaven and earth was rolled back, and he was permitted to view past, present, and future events from God’s perspective. He wrote down what he saw and heard in what became known as the Apocalypse, which in Greek means "Revealing." It became the final book of the New Testament – you know it as the book of Revelation. In this eleven-week class, we will conduct a detailed verse-by-verse study of the entire book of Revelation.