Creating A Dynamic Marriage

Event Date & Time:
Tue, Sep 27, 6:00 PM
Location Information:
The Ark Church
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This is not a lecture series, but an interactive group consisting of other married couples who share how they have overcome issues in their marriages, as well as encouragement through God's Word.

Additional Information

  • Teachers:  Mark & Gayle Daniel
  • Location:  Loft
  • Book:  None
  • Class End Date:  November 29

Marriage is not as easy as we first thought! We began our marriages in "love" with very little direction or tools for difficult times. If you are looking to build a wonderful, fun-loving life together, give this 9-week class a try. You are sure to make new friends and reignite your passion for each other. 

(Note: Both spouses must attend the class. You must be married to attend. This class has a maximum number of couples who can attend, so please make sure you have signed up. After 10 couples (20 people) have signed up, the registration for this group will be closed until the next semester).