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1 JOHN 1:9 NKJ 
9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 

There are many people who still believe that God is making them pay for what they did in their past life before they received Jesus.   

There is great freedom in knowing that as a new creation, old things passed away, and we have become new in God's eyes.  Our past is erased, and we are free.   

But the challenge for others is the idea that they have messed up after they became a believer.  What about that?   

Good news!  And here is a verse I have utilized many, many times in my walk with God.  The author of this letter is John, who was one of the original twelve disciples.  So, he is instructing believers what to do when they have sinned.   

We confess our sins to God.  Notice we do not have to go to another person to confess our sins.  We may go if we have sinned against them to ask for their forgiveness.  But the One who can forgive us our sins is God. There are times people will not forgive, but God is faithful and just to forgive.  We can depend on Him.   

And He cleanses us from all unrighteousness.  Notice once again we are not having to become new creations again.  We are not having to become saved again.  We are simply being cleansed from what was not right.  What a relief.  



When my oldest child Matt would play in the sewers in our old neighborhood, he would come home a mess.  Joy and I did not disown him; he was still our son.  No, we would clean him up before he came inside. God does not disown us when we sin and miss it.  So instead of running from Him, we need to run to Him.  When we confess our sins is not when He finds out about them.  It's when we get forgiveness and the restoration of fellowship and the freedom that comes with being without guilt. What a great relief that we have this promise.   



Thank You, Father.  I can come to You and get free from sin, guilt, and shame.  Thank You for Your great promises.