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13 Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

 In your car, there are a couple of gauges that it's important to pay attention to.  The first is the speedometer.  It gauges how fast you are going.  Losing awareness of this gauge can be expensive, especially for those who tend to have a heavy foot.  I could share some testimonies here, but we'll move on.   

The other gauge is the fuel gauge.  Losing awareness of this one can be mighty inconvenient.   

Spiritually there are a couple of gauges we must stay aware of:  the joy and the peace gauge.  God's plan is to fill us with joy and peace as we believe Him and His word in our life.  If we lose joy or peace, we will need to back up and determine what caused the deficit.  Often, I have found a joy or peace leak due to me thinking about the wrong things.  Or I have become too caught up with negative feelings and emotions.   

The best thing I can do is to plug the leak by going back to God's word and the promises He has spoken to my heart.  Often, I'll get up early and pray and worship God to help fill my tanks.  Joy and peace are vital for our spiritual walk, so keep an eye on those gauges.   


How is your joy level today?  How about your peace level?  Are you full, okay, or running on fumes?  If you are running low, take some time to spend time with the God of hope.  Let His word and His Holy Spirit fill your tanks so you can run strong and run long.