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TITUS 1:13-14 NKJ 
13 This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith, 14 not giving heed to Jewish fables and commandments of men who turn from the truth. 

Titus is another pastoral letter.  Titus, another son in the faith of Paul, was sent to Crete to put things in order.   

His first assignment was to appoint elders; leaders in the church.  So Paul gives basic instructions as to the character of future leaders.  And it is character that Paul lists first and foremost.  

Evidently, this church had some problems.  Some of the Jews had come in spreading deception in order to profit financially.   

So, as we look at these two verses, the rebuke is to get some of those deceived back in line that they may be sound in their faith.  Paul was encouraging Titus to hold onto the faithful word instead of Jewish fables and ideas men had come up with.  These things would turn people away from the truth.   

In a young church without strong leadership, many different winds of strange teaching could blow through.  Paul reminds Titus that what people pay attention to would impact them.  Listen to sound teaching from sound charactered leadership, and you'll be sound in the faith.  Listen to Jewish fables and made-up stuff from flakey people, and you can be turned from the truth.   


I wish I could say that we have progressed so much further along today than in the days of Paul and Titus.  Keywords are - I wish I could say.  One of the challenges that the Church, big C, faces is so many who are not sound in the faith.  Their beliefs are formed around partial scriptures, stories, traditions, and man's ideas. Many have turned from the truth.  During the 2020 pandemic, it really came to a head.  And with all the voices available today, the capacity to be turned from the truth is greater than ever.   

But there is always hope.  Know what you believe based on scriptures, not traditions.  Know whom you are learning from and observe if their life produces high character Christian fruit.  Is this asking too much?  Absolutely not.  The truth can make us free but lies can bring us into bondage.  So staying with the light of God's truth becomes more and more important in these dark times we are living in.   


Heavenly Father,  

Thank you for the truth of Your word and the Spirit of Truth who lives in me.  Help me stay sound in the faith and not turn away.  By Your grace, I can, and I will.