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2 For indeed the gospel was preached to us as well as to them; but the word which they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in those who heard it. 

 I know Hebrews can be a rather deep book, but there are so many nuggets that are worth exploring.  Let me correct that.  The entire book is worth exploring.  There are some very strong truths in this book that are very applicable to our lives.   

The verse for today is a powerful one.  This verse underscores why the children of Israel did not enter the promised land.  It is speaking of the original group that did a great deal of complaining whenever they hit challenges in their wilderness journey.   

This is the group that was constantly talking about going back to Egypt.   

God was merciful with this group, although they tried His patience and spoke against Him ten times on their journey out of Egypt. 

The scriptures tell us that they came right up to the promised land but would not go in.  They had seen the giants and the walled cities, and even though God had promised them the land, they balked.   

It was not the giants that kept them out.  It was not the walled cities or their lack of manpower.  It was their lack of faith.   

They refused to believe what God had spoken to them through Moses.  They would not act on what God said, and even though they had God's promise of really good things, gospel means good news, it did not benefit them.  They would not mix faith with what they heard.  The exception to this was Joshua and Caleb.  You can read their story in Numbers chapters 13 and 14.  And because they refused to believe everyone aged 20 years and up did not go into the promised land.  They had good news, but it did them no good.  They spent another 40 years in the wilderness.   



This is a sobering verse, but it's clear in the application.  For God's word to be profitable in our lives, we have to believe it and act upon it.  This is how we received our salvation; we believed and acted by a prayer or a confession of our faith.   

This is how we continue to walk with God and give Him access into our lives.  We hear His words and mix it with faith which will show up in our words and actions.  God's word is amazingly profitable to everyone who chooses to believe it.  



Thank You for Your Good News to me, Father.  I believe it, and it is benefiting me.