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The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, â€¨But he who heeds counsel is wise. 

 Before there was ever a cancel culture, there was Solomon and the book of Proverbs.  Proverbs contain some of the greatest, most concise wisdom we will ever read.  But make no mistake about it, Proverbs can be blunt.  Solomon would have so been canceled today, but then he was a very wealthy, powerful king world-renowned for wisdom.  So Solomon was not afraid of what others thought.   

This verse is one of thirty-six in the book of Proverbs that mentions the word fool.  A fool, in the biblical sense, is one who is foolish and thinks very lightly of wisdom.   

This verse speaks of a fool being right in his own eyes.  He is fully convinced in his own mind that he is doing the right thing.  The implied message here is the fool will not listen to what others have to say. Forget the facts.  Forget godly wisdom. The foolish person is his own standard.   

But here is the contrast.  A wise person.  A wise person is someone who listens to wise counsel.  Not just hearing the words but hearing and making adjustments.   

It's not the easiest path.  No one likes to be wrong.  But the wise person recognizes they are not perfect and are open to and even encourage good, godly counsel in their lives.   



It's not easy being wise.  But the long-term benefits are immense.  It takes humility to recognize when we are wrong and courage to follow through with the adjustments.   

Thirty-six verses in Proverbs mention the fool, and sixty-two speak about the wise.   It's not easy to cultivate wisdom, but it's a way better mode of living.   

Can anyone speak to you?  Are you willing to listen to wise counsel and adjust?  If so, you have taken a big step towards being a wise person.  Way to go!  Really! 



Father, teach me to be a wise person.  Don't let me get lost in my own counsel.  Help me listen and adjust.