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MARK 13:31 NKJ 
31 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away. 

Jesus was speaking to His disciples regarding the last days.  As you read this entire chapter, it's easy to tell that there are difficult days coming on the earth.  

The biggest argument has centered around the rapture, or catching away, of the church.  Are the turbulent times, intense trouble and pressure before the rapture of the church or after?  I am of the after camp.  That the woes come after the Lord catches away His people.  If I am wrong and these hard times are coming before the rapture, I will have to trust His promise that He would never leave me or forsake me, so I'm going to make it.  You can believe the same things, and either way, when the dust settles, we win.   

In the middle of His teaching, Jesus said something that has been too easy to gloss over "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away."  Did you catch that?  The heavens and earth as we know it will pass away.  God will create a new heaven and new earth.  That is more than we can conceive with our finite minds.  We are temporarily living in temporary accommodations.   

But there is something that does not change or have to be made over.  God's word.  His words are eternal and can be trusted.  His words are forever settled in heaven at the throne of God.  It's so easy to look around us and see the earth as eternal, but it's not the case.  Jesus said His words were spirit and life. Spiritual things are even more real than physical things.  Maybe not more real to us because we are so conscious of our five physical senses.  But in the realm our five senses do not touch, there is a higher order of things, and God's word is in that order. 


As you begin a new year in a few days, renew your commitment to put God's word as a top priority item in your life.  There will be many things that will waste your time and attention in the days ahead.  God's word is not one of those things.  It's eternal and powerful and has the ability to build you up spiritually and enrich your life.  And when we get to eternity, it will still be there.  God's eternal word.  


Heavenly Father, I want to see Your eternal word in a new fresh way this year. Open my eyes that I might see and my ears to hear what You are saying.