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17 I love those who love me, 
And those who seek me diligently will find me.  

In this Proverb, we are introduced to wisdom.  What is unique about wisdom is its personification in this chapter.  Wisdom is introducing itself as feminine.  In the first few verses, wisdom is called she.  

But she is not bashful or shy.  She, wisdom, is outside calling to people.  Wisdom is not hiding.  Wisdom is available.  And wisdom is very clear as to her value.  Numerous times in this chapter, wisdom declares she is more valuable than money.  More valuable than rubies.  M ore valuable than the things we desire.   

Wisdom is available and valuable.  But wisdom is not for everyone.  Oh, she is available for everyone providing they meet the right conditions.   

The right conditions are we have to love wisdom.  If we love wisdom, she will love us.  If we seek wisdom diligently, we will find her.   

Obviously, the reference here is regarding godly wisdom.  This is not the wisdom of this current age.  This is not a worldly wisdom.  This godly wisdom is pure and excellent with nothing crooked or perverse.   

But we have to pursue godly wisdom.  We must go after her.  We must value her.  Only then will we find her.   

In the latter part of the chapter, wisdom talks about listening, watching daily for wisdom and waiting for wisdom.  

Wisdom is wonderful but wisdom is not easy or cheap. 


If you are thinking that obtaining godly wisdom is a wonderful thing, but it sounds too difficult to obtain, don't think that way.  God's wisdom is available to anyone who will value it and pursue it.  In our lives, God's wisdom has such outstanding benefits, but it will not drop in our laps.  We must seek and pursue.  

But isn't that the way it is with the Lord?  We seek Him.  We draw close to Him.  We are not apathetic about Him.  We value Him.   

And valuing, drawing close, and seeking God will always involve God's wisdom that is found in His word.  Reading our bibles with expectation and enthusiasm is telling the Lord that we love Him and His word.  Then His wisdom becomes more and more evident in our lives.  This is not a Sunday-only thing.  This is a daily thing.  Wisdom is calling.  What is your response? 


Lord, I value You and Your word.  Thank You for your wisdom.