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14 The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, 
But who can bear a broken spirit? 

When something is broken, there is often a ripple effect.   

The broken spirit will not hold up under pressure and strain.  When a chair is broken, you cannot put as much weight on it.  It may appear perfectly fine until you go and sit down.  A broken spirit is similar; you may not notice a difference until the pressure is on.   

A strong spirit, being strong inwardly, is able to help push through the pressure and pain of a sickness.  We have seen people keep going under very trying circumstances.  Typically, they are strong of spirit.   

But being weak on the inside can add to whatever problems are being experienced.  Most of us have observed friends or loved ones seemingly crumble under what does not appear to be a big problem.  It was not the size of the problem but the lack of strength in their spirit.   

So that's the key challenge.  The weaker we are on the inside, the harder it is to push through the pain and pressure of life.   

But here is the good news.  We do not have to be weak in our spirits.  This is not a function of genetics.   


When Paul spoke to the leaders of the church of Ephesus, he shared some parting words thinking he would not see them again.  He told them he was commending them to God and to the word of His grace which was able to build them up . . . (Acts 20:32). Paul was not talking about being built up physically.  He was referring to being built up spiritually on the inside.  So here is a big part of the answer to the question: how do we get strong in our spirit?  A relationship with God and a focus on His word are necessary.  There are other verses that connect God's word with strength.  And, of course, a close relationship with God who is strength.   Don't relegate yourself to being weak in your spirit.  It's not your destiny unless you choose that path.  But because we know life is not easy, wouldn't it make much more sense to do the things that will make us stronger?  I am grateful that we have a choice, and strength is not limited to a chosen few.   


Thank you, Heavenly Father.  You have given me Your Holy Spirit to strengthen me and Your word to feed me and make me strong on the inside.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.