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PSALM 55:16-18 NKJ 
16 As for me, I will call upon God, 
And the Lord shall save me. 
17 Evening and morning and at noon 
I will pray, and cry aloud, 
And He shall hear my voice. 
18 He has redeemed my soul in peace from the battle that was against me, 
For there were many against me.   

This is another of David's pivot psalms.  He starts off pretty much troubled about the problems he is dealing with.  Even to the point where he just wants to escape.  To "fly away and be a rest." 

He is having enemies oppress him, fear come on him, and even his good friend turn against him.   

But David pivots.  He makes a change and makes a bold declaration of what he believes.  He believes that he will call on God and God will save him.  He believes that he will pray three times a day and the Lord will hear his prayer.  David has confidence that God has redeemed his soul in peace from all the battles he is facing.   

This is a great pivot of faith.  God will save.  God will hear.  God has helped me, and I have peace.   

Later, David, speaking by inspiration, says if we would give our burdens to God that He will sustain us and cause us to be solid.  It seems as if David is always able to get to a positive place with God.   



How is your pivot?  It's a great question.  It's not that we don't go through things, but how do we bounce back?  Do we get to positive?   

One of the best ways to get to positive about God's help for us is to monitor what we say about Him.  If we are constantly saying we don't know if the Lord will help us.  Or we hope, really meaning wish, He hears our prayers we make it harder to pivot.  Harder to get to a positive place.  But what if we declared God is helping.  God is hearing.  We are coming out of this with peace.  Now we are tracking with David.  And he had a pretty good track record.   



Thank you, Lord, for helping me.  For hearing me.  For bringing me into a place of peace.  My trust is in You.