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23 Whoever guards his mouth and tongue â€¨Keeps his soul from troubles.   

Learning to watch our words is a sure way to save ourselves some inner grief.  Over and over, the wisdom of the Proverbs warns us to control what comes out of our mouths.  Please understand that this wisdom is not common today.  Talk to people about the power of their words, and you can see the skepticism in their eyes.  And yet, how many times have our words caused trouble in our lives.   

And trouble-causing words are not limited to what we say to others.  The words we say about ourselves and our situation can be words of faith that lift us, or they can be words of fear that bind us.  Joy and I have discovered over the years that just talking the problem without bringing God into our conversation is troubling.  But when we look at one another and declare, "the Lord is good, and He is helping us," there is an immediate sense of peace. 


In his letter, James says our tongue is like the rudder of a ship.  Our words set the tone and direction of our lives.  The question then becomes, which way are our words steering us, towards trouble or towards blessing? 


Heavenly Father, thank You for giving me Your words that I can use to set the framework for my words.  Help me set a guard on my mouth.  I want to protect my soul, my inner life, from trouble.