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4 Masters, give your bondservants what is just and fair, knowing that you also have a Master in heaven. 

Not if you feel like the boss, that would include a whole lot of people.  And if you are not the boss, keep listening.  You may be a boss one day or be responsible for leading, and this mentality will help.   

Paul, writing by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, was talking to people who were in complete control.  They were actually more than a boss; they were masters who reported to no one.  And yet they did report to One.   

Give what is just and fair, what is good and right to your servants. Yesterday, we talked to employees, and they are to know that they are serving the Lord and He would reward.  That knowledge was a powerful motivation.  Now the message is to masters.  They need to know something.  Know that as a master, they had a Master in heaven.  That accountability would be helpful in guiding their actions with their servants.  Knowing they were under The Master would make them better to work for.   



We can take this principle and apply it in many different scenarios: business owners, a manager, leader of an organization, ministry leaders, and yes, pastors.  As believers, those who have a relationship with Christ, we are also under His leadership.  We are accountable to Him.  He is the boss.   

Knowing this will help us govern our actions and attitudes toward those who are under our authority.  You may have the 'last word' in your organization, but He would still have a say in the matter.   

Sobering?  Yes.  But also, a place of peace.  Because you have a boss you can always get help with problems and decisions that come your way.  In a very real sense, we can kick this problem "upstairs" to our boss in heaven.   



Thank you, Father.  I belong to You and serve my Lord, my boss in heaven.  I am not alone as I lead and that brings comfort to my mind.