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25 Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, 
But a good word makes it glad. 


This is a favorite verse of mine. It gives both insight and answers.   

Insight into some of the factors that involve depression. And if you are dealing with depression, being able to recognize some of the triggers is a good step toward beating depression.   

Anxiety is one of the root causes of depression. The fear and dread of events that have happened or threaten to happen can weigh on us.   

But that word in Hebrew can also mean care or concern. It is rendered heaviness and sorrow. These words are all connected. If I am apprehensive about something in the future, I am not happy about it. It is weighing on me. 

Heaviness weighs us down on the inside. We hear people referring to feeling heavy or burdened about a situation. Being weighed down is not typically coupled with joy.   

There is a lot going on in our lives. When we focus on what's wrong or could go wrong and when we focus on areas that we are lacking, it can produce sorrow. And sorrow, heaviness, and anxiety all take their toll.   

The good news is there are counter measures to anxiety, heaviness, and sorrow. A good word in our hearts can make us glad.   

This is one of the many reasons I am so sold on scripture. Reading, quoting, singing, and memorizing scriptures is a great way to put a good word in our hearts.   

It's like going to a doctor with a problem. When they look at you and say I've got good news for you, it lifts you. That's a good word.   

In the same way, God's promises of help, strength, healing, deliverance, and victory are all good words that we can put in our hearts. Put enough good in and drive out the sadness, heaviness, and anxiety. God's good words are good medicine and help for a heavy heart.   


Thank You, Father. You have never wanted me to live anxious, sad, and depressed. Your words are health to me and soothing medicine to my soul.