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1 My son, pay attention to my wisdom; 
Lend your ear to my understanding, 
2 That you may preserve discretion, 
And your lips may keep knowledge. 


I am increasingly struck by how often wisdom and our mouth are connected.   

In these two verses today, we are instructed as to how to obtain God's wisdom. And the results of His wisdom. 

Wisdom, God's wisdom, is not automatic. We do not obtain His wisdom by living life. There are many people living into their 80's and 90's today completely void of God's wisdom.  

No, God's wisdom is obtained by being intentional. We must pay attention. Paying attention implies a cost. The cost of ignoring distractions to hone in on what God is saying to us in His word.   

Lend your ear is literally rendered as bow down your ear. The implication here is that humility is required. We humble ourselves to acknowledge God and His ways and words are right.   

So, we can see why Jesus would often say he who has ears to hear. The good news is that we can be one who does have ears to hear.   

And the result of ears to hear. Humility and intentionality lead to two things. An appreciation of good judgment and lips that keep knowledge.   

As we hear God's word and apply it to our lives, we gain an appreciation for His wisdom. We develop an "ear" for wisdom. Then when we hear something contrary to God's wisdom, we are more aware. An ear for wisdom helps guard against deception.   

As we develop an appreciation for godly wisdom, we will be better about the words we speak. I am not referring as much to foul language as I am language that opposes what God says.   

For example, when we develop an ear for God's wisdom, we will become very slow to go negative. Negative about yourself and negative about others. God's wisdom is that we would acknowledge the good things in us in Christ. God's wisdom understands that death and life are in the power of our words. The more we tune our ear toward God's wisdom, the more we become aware of our words. And the more we choose our words intentionally.  


If you did an audit of your words, what are the high-value words you are speaking? Which of your words are completely void of God's wisdom? Which of your words, or phrases, would be better if they were eliminated? 

We want all our words to be profitable. Inspired by God's wisdom.