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PROVERBS 21:19 NKJ   It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman. 

 Better to live in the land of the desert than deal with the drama of a contentious and angry person.  I know the proverb says woman, but I don't for one minute think that anger and contentiousness are limited to the female gender.   

Contentious by definition means inclined to dispute or disagree, combative.  Someone who is angry and contentious is hard to live with.  You can have a beautiful home, but if it's filled with anger and arguing, all that beauty fades away.  And yet, a home full of love and peace can be extremely modest and even sparse but a wonderful place to live.  The environment we create with our words and actions has a greater impact on our quality of life than the quality of our physical house.   



I was the contentious, angry person when Joy and I first married.  She said that I would argue just to argue.  I am not proud of that fact, but I am grateful for God's mercy and Joy's commitment to our marriage.   

Did God help me change?  Yes, and He continues to work in my life as I allow Him access.  His word and His Spirit can transform an angry combative man into a man of peace and calm.  I certainly don't claim to be perfect, but at least Joy is not longing to live in the desert. 



Dear Father, please work in me through Your word and Your Holy Spirit.  Help me be a person that makes any environment I am in better.  Help me weed out the anger, contentiousness, or anything else that would cause drama.