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21 There are many plans in a man’s heart, 
Nevertheless the Lord’s counsel—that will stand. 

A couple of months before we started The Ark, I came across a great opportunity.  One of my clients had an opening for a national sales manager.  I would be traveling all over the country making presentations for erecting cell phone towers.   This was 1996 and cell phones were just exploding as a business.  And making presentations was totally in my wheelhouse. The money was big by 2021 standards, much less 1996.   

I told my client, a Christian brother, that I would pray about it.  I was excited about the idea for about 2 days, then I pretty much forgot about it.  My attention went back to starting The Ark.  My client called me after two weeks, asking if my knees were sore because I had been praying about it for so long.  I apologized and declined the position.  The Lord's counsel about starting The Ark was what kept standing in my heart.  The other plans left me, and I am glad they did.   



When it comes to God's plan and counsel for you, what keeps standing in your heart?   

We can have so many ideas and plans, but if we will continue to pray, those ideas and plans will seemingly drift away, but the Lord's counsel keeps standing.   

Often the challenge is being too quick to move.  If we will slow down a bit and get quiet and sincerely ask the Lord for His counsel, we will discover what stands, the whisper of our heart that keeps on coming.  God's counsel continues to be there when the other plans and ideas fade away.  

God has counsel, but He typically does not beat us over the head with it.  It's the quiet counsel that just keeps standing.   



Thank You, Father, You do have counsel for me, and it's good, and it works.  Help me discern Your counsel in my heart.