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PSALM 17:6-9 NKJ 
6 I have called upon You, for You will hear me, O God; 
Incline Your ear to me, and hear my speech. 
7 Show Your marvelous lovingkindness by Your right hand, 
O You who save those who trust in You 
From those who rise up against them. 
8 Keep me as the apple of Your eye; 
Hide me under the shadow of Your wings, 
9 From the wicked who oppress me, 
From my deadly enemies who surround me. 

David had many outstanding attributes. He was a warrior, a leader, a musician, a worshipper, a prophet, and a king.   

One of David's greatest assets was his utter confidence in God. As we read the Psalms, his heart for God and trust in God come beaming through.   

In Psalm 17, we see more of David's confidence in God. "I have called upon You, for You will hear me, O God; Incline Your ear to me, and hear my speech." How often have you heard people say, I am going to go pray about this because I know God hears me. It's pretty rare to see this kind of confidence. 

Show Your marvelous loving kindness. You deliver those who trust in You. David served a God whose lovingkindness was marvelous. Those are not common words. Marvelous lovingkindness indicates David was a guy who had benefited from God's mercy. Maybe during those years of running from King Saul, who was seeking to kill him, David knew God had been good to him. David knew God saved those who put their trust in Him. There is nothing hesitant about these words. David knew God was good and would be good to him.  

Keep me as the apple of Your eye. That sounds pretty bold. God, I know I am the apple of Your eye. You look on my life with favor. I am one of Your favorites.   

Hide me under the shadow of Your wings from those who oppress me and want to hurt me. David had big confidence in God's ability to protect him. David had big confidence in God.   


What do we say about our Heavenly Father? What do we express confidence in? When was the last time, or anytime that you said, I love to pray? God hears my prayers. God is good to me and delivers me because I trust Him. God's lovingkindness towards me is huge. He is my protection. He is my source of supply! 

Seems like a bit much? Not when it comes to our God. Superlatives in our language do not do Him justice. So, for us to say He hears, He delivers, He hides me, is not pushing things too far. And here is the kicker, the more we brag on and express our confidence in God, the more our confidence grows.   

So don't be timid. Express your heart and confidence in your great God and Father! 


Father, my confidence is in You. Your goodness, Your power, Your love for me. I am one of Your favorites, and I am glad.