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26 “And it shall come to pass in the place where it was said to them, 
‘You are not My people,’ 
There they shall be called sons of the living God.” 

I grew up in a comfortable middle-class home in North Carolina.  I was not rich but had occasions to interact with some of the wealthy kids in my city.   

They were decidedly different.  There was an ease about them.  They did not seem to struggle.  Their clothes and their demeanor were in a different league.   

In this chapter nine, Paul makes some bold statements.  He states that the children of the promise are the real Israel, and then Paul quotes the prophet Hosea when he refers to those of us who have no Jewish lineage but have received Jesus by faith.  Hosea said we would be called sons of the living God.  Talk about privilege.  Even more than Jews of the nation of Israel today, we are God's special people.  And not simply special people; we are God's family, sons of the living God. 


Don't get hung up on the son's part if you are female.  Sons signify positions of authority and were the heirs of their Father.  In Christ, there is no male or female, so we all can occupy the privilege and favor of being a son.   

And just as the wealthy kids in my hometown knew they had an advantage; we can know the same thing.   And our Heavenly Father is not simply wealthy.  He is the owner and creator of heaven and earth.  As this truth dawns on our hearts, it will produce an ease about us, and our struggle to be somebody is over.   Our demeanor changes to one who knows they'll come out on top.  Because, after all, we are sons of the living God.  


Thank You God that You are my Father and I am a son of privilege because I have put my faith in Jesus. Thank You that I am a part of a powerful family, Your family!