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PSALM 133:1 NKJ 
1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is 
For brethren to dwell together in unity! 


Here is a great verse for an increasingly divided nation. To be frank, I am not holding out much hope for the nation reaching a place of unity. We've not seen unity since 9/11/2001. And with the advent of social media, untrustworthy new sources, bitter political divisions, and the age of outrage, I can't say I am optimistic. Except. Except for the Church, the Body of Christ.   

I believe the Church is the last hope for unity. It will not be a unity of opinion, political or social agendas, or a unity of doctrinal beliefs. My hope is that we can achieve a greater unity of the faith. Unity of the faith would involve us setting aside petty differences and uniting around Jesus as the Lord and Savior of the world. There are so many things we will not agree on, yet we should be able to agree on Jesus. That Jesus is the sinless Son of God who died for our sins. That Jesus was raised from the dead by God. That Jesus is the only way to God. And that anyone who receives Jesus is forgiven all his sins and made a new creation.   

We should be able to have unity around Jesus. Not baptisms, bible translations, baptism with the Holy Spirit, or the rapture of the Church. Not present-day miracles, healing, abundant living, or tithing. There are going to be a plethora of opinions about these topics. And yes, I used plethora in a sentence, and yes, I am willing to wait until heaven to prove that my opinion in all those areas is correct. I am only kidding about being correct, but I am not far off from the spirit of that statement. Most things are not worth arguing about. We can wait till heaven to hash out all the details of our beliefs, and I imagine all of us will be making corrections. We know in part.   

As a local church, we will have a large diversity of opinions and beliefs in many different areas. But. But we should have a unity of purpose that at The Ark Church we are all about the saving of households.   

Way back in the book of Genesis, Abraham said it best to his nephew Lot. Please let there be no strife between you and me, for we are brothers. (Genesis 13:8) Amen Abraham. Amen!