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PROVERB 22:24-25 NKJ 
24 Make no friendship with an angry man, 
And with a furious man do not go, 
25 Lest you learn his ways 
And set a snare for your soul. 

Newspapers and local TV used to have a saying, "if it bleeds, it leads."  The reference was the gory story sold better.  Bad news sold better than positive news.  Often the ten o'clock news would lead with a shooting.  

Well, let's add a new saying for internet and social media - the angry voice is the one that is heard most.   I am not expecting to market that phrase, but there is most certainly truth behind it.  It seems as if today, the voices of calm and reason are drowned out by the voices of indignation and outrage.  I am amazed at the trivial things people get angry over.  I have seen people get angry and just rip into people over watches and fountain pens.  Really!  Can you find a more benign subject matter? 

But Proverb warns us about hanging around angry people.  If you are friends with angry people, you will learn their ways.  And what's worse, this anger is a trap for your soul.  You'll get caught up in the anger, and that will not deliver God's peace or joy to your heart and emotions. 

Jesus was not constantly angry and spouting off at people.  He took no pleasure in hard-hearted religious Pharisees that distorted God's word and goodness.  He was angry on occasion, but He was not an angry man.  When John and James wanted to call down fire on a city that rejected Jesus, Jesus rebuked them.  He came to save lives, not destroy them.  I am so glad that the One I follow is not furious. 


As the holidays are upon us, our opportunity for anger increases.  Crowds, relatives, the stress of the season, etc., etc. So, if you have sources that feed you anger, news, friends, social media, maybe this would be a good time to reduce the angry voices in your life.  Whatever you feed gets stronger.  Let's feed on God's word, good books, and messages that strengthen us spiritually.  Instead of a snare for your soul, they will be a soothing salve for your soul.   


Dear Father, help me tune out the anger and tune into Your peace and joy during this season.  Help me avoid the emotional trap of anger.