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The Lord on high is mightier 
Than the noise of many waters, 
Than the mighty waves of the sea. 

At one time in my early teens, I wanted to be a surfer.  The problem was I lived four hours from the coast.  But I loved looking at surfing magazines.  Fast forward many years later and my desire to be a surfer has waned, but I still enjoy looking at videos of big waves.   

Some of the waves extreme surfers are riding today are 80 feet tall.  Their power is absolutely bone chilling.  But the psalmist gives us a comparison, God is mightier than the mighty waves of the sea.  He is more powerful than the biggest waterfall.  The visual image here is a powerful reminder that our God made the mighty waves.  He made the oceans and all the mighty rivers.  Natural wonders like huge waves are amazing, but they have nothing on our mighty God.   



The next time you see a natural wonder of the earth, remind yourself that God made the earth and everything in it.  The visible wonders we can see point to their amazing Creator, who we can't see.   

So, waves may be mighty, but God is mightier.  Tornadoes may have incredible power, but they pale in comparison with the One who created the heavens and the earth.  We belong to and serve a mighty God.   



Heavenly Father, help me see in a greater way how big and powerful You are.  Please forgive me if I have treated You as insignificant.  You are a mighty, living God, and You are my Father.